Welcome to Raymond James, Hampstead

At Raymond James, Hampstead, we provide a highly personalised Financial Planning & Investment Management Service for private clients, with the support of a global, diversified financial services company.

What makes us different?

Our priority is understanding your financial needs, not just investing money.  Once we understand your needs, as financial planners we can develop a plan that you can rely on.

Successful financial planning frequently involves investing money.  We draw from the vast resources that Raymond James Investments Services has on offer, enabling us to provide a fully bespoke, discretionary investment management service.

We have extensive research capability with access to over 80 Raymond James analysts that provide analysis on securities across the globe.  Having access to this research was a key part of our decision in associating ourselves with Raymond James.  From cutting-edge technology to award-winning research, superior back-office administration and continued professional development, we have the expertise and tools to help you achieve your goals.

Our Services

At Raymond James, Hampstead, we offer the full suite of financial planning services.

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How We Work

To complement our financial planning expertise, we draw on the resources of Raymond James to help build our investment proposition and meet the needs of our clients.

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Become A Client

Becoming a client of Raymond James, Hampstead couldn’t be easier.

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How easy is it to change your Adviser or Wealth Manager?
We often meet potential clients who have existing financial advisers or wealth managers looking after part of their portfolio.  For one reason or another these individuals may not be completely satisfied with their existing arrangements, but as is human nature, they may be reluctant to make a change, especially one as important as appointing a new wealth manager.


Posted on 3rd November 2017 By Andy Butcher

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